Our First Blog

It’s our first blog post! We have so much to share...where to start?!?

Since Thanksgiving is a little over a week away, yikes...who’s ready?!? I’d better keep this short...lots to do!! Let’s start there. Tricia and I couldn’t be more thankful...for our families, for our friends, for each and every person that walks through the doors of the Pig (or shops online). Our dream becomes more and more of a reality every day...and we most certainly couldn't be doing it without all of your support.

We love doing this thing called the Truffle Pig. We love making people's houses prettier. We love helping people find “just the right thing for that spot” in their home. We love seeing people smile when they find just the right gift. We LOVE it when people walk in the door on their lunch hour and say, “I just need to look at pretty things for a few minutes”...with a huff because their morning has been a little rough. We love hearing people say, “this place is just so happy." Our hearts are full. And we are thankful.

- Tara