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All our designs are 100% original. We do our research. We strive to be on the leading-edge of what’s hot... the unique colours, textures, shapes and patterns of each season as it comes and goes. This research informs our design efforts while we seek inspiration from just about everywhere… from nature, to science, to spirituality, to everyday reality.  We take a team-based approach by seeking input from a wide-range of customers, retailers and other fashion experts to ensure we’re designing bags that matter to today’s modern woman. Our goal is to create bags that have the power to uplift a woman’s spirit, excite their senses and help them feel proud, confident and empowered... That’s what preneLOVE is all about. 

Quality of Materials & Craftsmanship
Quality is about sweating the small stuff… and we do a lot of it!  It all starts with our premium neoprene which delivers superior strength & durability while remaining exceptionally lightweight.  From there, every zipper, clasp, buckle, snap, rope and strap are each carefully chosen for optimal style, quality and performance. 

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